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Training the next generation of expert bioinformaticians

BRN offers high-quality bioinformatics training, mentorship, and project opportunities at no cost, with the goal of fostering the next generation of expert bioinformaticians.

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The BRN approach

Bioinformatics is emerging as a central discipline in biological science. It enables futuristic advances like personalized medicine and AI-driven drug development. And the best part is that an internet connection is all you need to get started!

But how do you get project experience? Mentorship and guidance? Where can you go to ask questions and talk with other trainees? And how do you break into the bioinformatics profession once you are ready?

That's where BRN comes in. We provide a high-quality, no-cost bioinformatics training program that includes rigorous skill certifications, mentored project experiences with academic labs, and career guidance to help you become an expert bioinformatician.

Our goal: foster a new generation of expert bioinformaticians by making high-quality bioinformatics training accessible to all.

The BRN Project Program provides BRN trainees with the opportunity to gain mentored, real-world project experience in bioinformatics. It also provides research labs with volunteers who can help with their research projects, and the opportunity to mentor trainees from around the world.

As of September 2022, the project program has already graduated more than 24 trainees and led to 4 peer-reviewed publications (and 1 preprint).


Learn more at the links below.


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Education &
Skill Assessments (Bioinformed)

The Bioinformed program will provide a one-stop shop for learning practical, hands-on bioinformatic skills. It will feature open-access workshops and educational videos covering major bioinformatics skill areas. These materials are still under active development, and we expect to officially launch in 2023. For now, please view the educational materials at BIG Bioinformatics to learn these skills (link below).

To certify trainee knowledge, we have also developed BRN Skill Assessments. These assessments test your practical capabilities in multiple areas of bioinformatics. Please view the link below to get started. We are currently developing a web application to improve the trainee experience in completing skill assessments -- this is expected to officially launch in 2023.

Our goal is to foster a community of bioinformaticians who learn from each other, support each other, and collaborate openly on exciting bioinformatics research projects. Whether your goal is to join a project or not, we want you to be a part of our community.

As part of the BRN community, you will have access to a world-wide network of bioinformaticians via our Slack community, opportunities to mentor novice bioinformaticians via our Mentorship Network, and the chance to become a BRN leader as part of our Working Groups.

For more information, click the link below.


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