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CAR-T Cell Transcriptomics




CAR-T cell therapy is hailed as one of the greatest cancer therapy breakthroughs of the last decade. But we still don't know a lot about what makes some CARs better at clearing cancer and why some CARs are more durable. Here we did RNA-seq analysis on both CD4 and CD8 CAR T cells with 3 different constructs to analyze their differences.

R, Python

RNA-Seq, Data Mining, DE, Pathway Analysis, Immune Profiling

Project Stage


Avg. Hours / Week


Project Provider

Wes Wilson / Mike Milone

Commitment (Months)


Spots Open


Project Lead

Wes Wilson

Publication if successful?


Trainee authorship criteria (if applicable)

NOTE: You can also complete the python versions of these trainings if you want (RNA-Seq should still be done with R). Additionally, preference will be given to those who have knowledge about scRNA-Seq, which you can get from the BIG scRNA-Seq workshop:

Required Skill Assessments

RNA-Seq Analysis

R for Data Science

R Programming

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