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Mentor Network

The BRN Mentor Network provides both scientific and professional mentorship to BRN trainees at no cost.

Trainees gain mentorship and guidance from veteran bioinformaticians in academia and industry.

Mentors gain the opportunity to foster the next generation of all-star bioinformaticians and identify new talent for future hires.

Learning bioinformatics is hard...
We're here to help.

A few of our BRN Mentors

Active mentorship is crucial for scientific and professional development. However, bioinformatics mentorship opportunities are scare or non-existent for many people. To bridge the gap, we provide the BRN Mentor Network.

To learn more, find a mentor, or become a mentor, view the links below.

Community Mentors

Community Mentors provide advice, respond to trainee questions, and hold one-on-one office hours.

Project Mentors

Project Mentors join project teams to provide expert guidance, feedback, and supervision of trainees.

1:1 Mentors

1:1 Mentors will guide and advise individual mentees during their BRN training. This will be available in 2023.

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