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Open Projects

Last updated: Aug 8, 2023

Spatial Proteomics of the Spleen

Through the integration of spatial proteomics data with other omics datasets, we aim to generate a comprehensive and cohesive understanding of the spleen's biology at multiple levels of cellular organization.

Data Integration, Data viz, scRNA-Seq, Image Processing


Unraveling the Genetic Architecture of Cancer

This research project aims to determine the contributions from both rare and common genetic variants in cancer susceptibility. We will (1) determine the rare genetics heritability in major cancer types (2) determine the common genetic heritability (3) identify the enriched genes and pathways. In doing so, we will advance our understanding of the genetic etiology of cancer predisposition, ultimately informing more effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies.

Genomics, Data viz, Variant analysis, Variant interpretation


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