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We previously showed that the mining of R-loop mapping data can reveal novel insight into R-loop dynamics genome-wide. However, little is known about how R-loops change in response to different types of perturbations. This project will involve developing an atlas of R-loop changes in response to a wide array of perturbations. We will also develop a new R/Bioconductor package for the differential analysis of R-loop mapping data that will become a component of RLSuite:

R, Bash

Data Mining, Data Integration, Software development, R-Shiny, Reactive Programming, ChIP-Seq

Project Stage


Avg. Hours / Week


Project Provider

Alex Bishop, DPhil & Henry Miller

Commitment (Months)


Spots Open


Project Lead

Henry Miller

Publication if successful?


Trainee authorship criteria (if applicable)

Trainees who contribute meaningfully to the project will be listed as co-authors. E.g., performing an entire core analysis or developing a core component of project software.

One spot is reserved for an R-shiny web developer.

Required Skill Assessments

Basic Data Science Web Development

R Programming

Linux for Bioinformatics

ChIP-Seq Analysis

R for Data Science

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