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Unraveling the Genetic Architecture of Cancer




Cancer is a complex and multifaceted disease, characterized by a range of genetic alterations that contribute to its initiation and progression. While considerable progress has been made in understanding the genetic basis of cancer, the relative contributions from rare and common variants in cancer predisposition remains unclear.

With the advent of large cohort studies and advanced statistical methodologies, we now have the opportunity to explore the genetic architecture of cancer with greater detail and accuracy.

This research project aims to determine the contributions from both rare and common genetic variants in cancer susceptibility. We will (1) determine the rare genetics heritability in major cancer types (2) determine the common genetic heritability (3) identify the enriched genes and pathways. In doing so, we will advance our understanding of the genetic etiology of cancer predisposition, ultimately informing more effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies.


Genomics, Data viz, Variant analysis, Variant interpretation

Project Stage


Avg. Hours / Week


Project Provider

Kuan-Lin Huang, PhD

Commitment (Months)


Spots Open


Project Lead

Kuan-Lin Huang, PhD

Publication if successful?


Trainee authorship criteria (if applicable)

Generated publishable results (figure, model, codes) used in the final manuscript

Required Skill Assessments

Working with Genomic Variant Files

R for Data Science

R Programming

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